Danielle Clarke

Danielle Clarke

Danielle Clarke - Speaker and Writer

Danielle is a dedicated, Christ following wife, mother of three, and ministry volunteer. She is a relevant and dynamic speaker with relatable messages that help you grow closer to the life God intended.

Danielle has spoken at women’s events, retreats, and youth ministries.

Danielle is a dynamic and engaging speaker. She connects with her listeners in a very authentic way. Her ability to speak to many age groups and be relatable is a true gift. Fearless Women was grateful to have her speak for our organization, she inspired, encouraged, and glorified Gods kingdom.


Christy Boulware

I attended the Fearless Women Event and absolutely loved the message. It spoke to me in so many ways. I furiously took notes and have put the “Lies and Truths” (with scripture) on index cards and hang them around the house. Thank you for allowing God to speak into the lives of others.

Shannon Bazan
Fearless Women Attendee

We invited Danielle to share “Battleground” at our annual Women’s Ministry Lunch & Learn. The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive as they put into practice what they learned. Ladies were moved to action as they processed what areas of their own lives needed attention, how to identify them and break free. Danielle’s talk used personal examples, step by step instructions, and bold illustrations to engage our ladies. many commented on how “relatable” she was as she mingled and made herself available to participants at the lunch portion of our event. Danielle provided real value.


Jennifer McKinney
Grace Church East IL

Danielle expresses her love for Jesus Christ in a way that listeners can connect with. She is a powerful and breathtaking communicator that speaks biblical truth that is both honest and applicable.

Leanna Kamburov
Element Youth Student

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My Story

When I was growing up, I was told I was the ‘talker’ of the house. I came from a very large, loud, and talkative family, so the fact that I was the ‘talker’ was a very big deal.  Everywhere I went people seemed to make fun of me. Even though I knew that most of them didn’t mean to hurt me, it always did.  In school I seemed to always have my name on the board and notes sent home because of talking.

I tried my hardest to be quiet, and I always wanted to be the shy girl, but no matter how hard I tried I always failed. I remember going to school one day and making a bet with myself that I wouldn’t say a word to anyone all day. Well that lasted a total of about five minutes; and I remember very clearly getting upset with myself because of my failure.

Luckily it didn't end there!

I carried this insecurity throughout my life, and as I got older it actually became something that I wanted to overcome. It became something I desperately wanted to change about myself.  After I married my husband God unfolded the beauty and inviolability of marriage and children to me. Then he spoke to me in a very special way.

He began to reveal that this ‘talker’ in me wasn’t an insecurity or something to be overcome, but was in fact a gift, an innate God given skill that I could use to communicate the splendor of everything I had been given. The enemy lied and told me that this gift was a character flaw.  He tried to keep me from fulfilling the calling God had for my life.  I am now proud to be speaker on a mission to help others find their purpose and reach their full potential.