Aaron Clarke

Aaron Clarke

Aaron Clarke - Coach


Aaron is driven to help people reach their potential. Coaching is a huge passion for him in everything from little league sports teams to being a 1:1 coach with business leaders. Aaron has a unique blend of relational/communication strengths and a strategic mind for organizational systems and processes. #PEOPLEOVERPROJECTS.  He has specialized experience in helping teams grow, specifically volunteer based organizations.

Aaron enjoys writing and speaking about sports, leadership, and Jesus.  He has spoken to large groups including youth ministries, churches, and other organizations on various topics.

My Story

I grew up and played several sports on various teams. I had the privilege of playing college football and learned even more about what it means to be a team. Although I never sought the spotlight I seemed to find myself in leadership positions along the way.  For example, I was many times elected team captain by my peers, president of the FCA, president of our college cap-stone startup company.  I didn’t realize it for much of the time but God had created me with a passion and gifting in leadership and communication.

I’ve learned over the years about my own purpose. One of the best feelings is finding out who you were created to be. When you discover who you are, what your talents and strengths are, it is extremely rewarding and motivating at the same time.  I’ve learned that I LOVE people, especially teams. I found out that I think strategically and have an analytical mind. I’ve learned I have leadership and communication strengths. I realized that I have a passion to help others grow, or to use the trendy word, Coach.

What it’s all about

It’s all about helping others grow. It is personal too, as I have an almost unquenchable thirst to grow. I believe the heart of God is to see people grow, and that is my heart too. Discipleship is a fancy biblical word for pouring into someone, helping them find who they were created to be, and then live it to the fullest, and then do the same for others.

I personally have experienced two drastically different team environments. I brought the same character and work ethic to both, but only in one team did I have growth. What was the difference? Someone noticed me. Someone called out my strengths, challenged me with feedback, and created opportunity for me to grow. I had someone who coached me and it made all the difference in the world.

If you as an individual are stuck or stagnant, please do not stay there any longer! I want to help you! If you are a leader of an organization and you want to take steps to create a healthier team environment, please let’s connect!